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Closed Crawl Spaces? You Bet!

Many of our customers from hot climate and mountainous areas have asked about using Crawl Space Foundations with our plans. This will work fine with most of our plans, but you should almost always use a Closed Crawl Space, not a traditional Vented Crawl Space. By using the ZEP Closed Crawl Space Calculator you will be able to calculate the amount of insulation needed to result in a dry, clean crawl space, saving you energy and money. The second section of the calculator helps you estimate the additional cost of creating the Closed Crawl Space, and allows you to estimate the Payback Period! This interesting tool is not designed to calculate the exact dollar amount you will save, as that will change radically from location to location, depending on your specific weather conditions. Relative humidity is a very complex issue, so at best the ZEP Closed Crawl Space Calculator will help you get close to the design values you will need. What we do know for sure is that it has worked for us in Western Washington for almost fifteen years!


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