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Two ZEP homes featured in Built Green® Washington Video

A new instructional video titled “Built Green 101” has been posted on YouTube by Built Green® Washington. The video is about thirty minutes long all together, which requires it to be posted in several segments, due to the YouTube restrictions of ten minutes per video. The video was narrated on the front porch of the YF-1 home, with several shots from within the home demonstrating various Built Green® features. One of the segments features ZEP Designer Ted L. Clifton and one of his happy customers, extolling the virtues of his near-zero-energy home, the S-1 home. You can access all of these segments at http://www.builtgreenwashington.org/142/built-green-101-videos.html

Our YF-1 home was recently certified as five-star Built Green®, with a HERS rating of 41, without the use of PV or other power generating means.


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