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What’s Included in Our Zero-Energy Home Packages

We provide the most complete plan packages available on the market. We are interested in the ultimate success of your project, not just in selling a set of house plans.

Please scroll down to view the list of pages and information included in our plan packages.

The following table describes the typical number of plan copies needed to build one of our Low Energy Use Homes.

Our Basic Plan Set includes just one copy of each page, for a total of approximately fifteen pages if on 11×17 paper, about eight pages if on 24×36 paper. Our pages can be either be printed on 11×17 paper, in high resolution, either 1/8″ or 3/16″ scale, depending on the size of the house, or we can print on full 24’x36″ “D” size architectural paper. Some local Building Departments have expressed an appreciation for the smaller size of page, because of the readability, and ease of viewing multiple pages at one time. It is also much easier to get additional copies made if you should need them. Larger page sizes are required by some jurusdictions, so be sure to ask before completing your order which size is required.

Our Full Building Set includes the total number of plan pages shown on the spreadsheet below, at a slightly increased price to cover our additional costs.

Our Basic Plan Set and Full Building Set both include the Heat Loss Calculation Spreadsheet, Heating/Cooling system specifications, SIPS shop drawings, and Built Green® checklist.

Our plans are produced using VectorWorks CAD software. Click on the VectorWorks Icon below for more information on the capabilities of this fine CAD Program

Each set purchased gives the purchaser the right to build one house using these plans. For additional licenses, please call for pricing (360) 969-2363. It is important to understand that any modifications to these plans could result in the home not performing as originally designed. Therefore we encourage you to contact us before making any modifications. We will make changes for you at an hourly rate of $85.00 per hour.

Your ability to construct a true Zero-Energy home from these plans depends a lot on specific site considerations, over which Zero-Energy Plans, LLC. has no control. Each user of these plans must carefully assess the intended site, and address specific climate conditions, before using these plans. Zero-Energy Plans, LLC. therefore takes no reponsibility for any aspect of homes built to these plans by others.

We expect to provide continuing informational support throughout your construction process to assure you the highest value from our plans. Please e-mail us; ted@zero-energyplans.com for prompt and full answers to your questions.

Plan Page #Page DescriptionContractorBldg. Dept.FoundationFramingRoofingHeatingPlumbingElectricalInsulationDrywallCabinetsFloor CoveringSidingTotal Copies
1Floor Plan 11211111111111
2Floor Plan 212111111110
4Fnd. & Framing Details1211118
5Section 112111118
6Section 212111118
7Roof Plan121116
8Elevation 1121116
9Elevation 2121116
10Elevation 3121116
11Elevation 411116
12F.P. 1 Electrical112
13F.P. 2 Electrical112
143-D View NW1113
153-D View SW1113


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