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Plan Overview

3,450 Sq. Ft.
Price: $1,240 Basic Set, $1,495 Full Builder Set

OK, I confess, normally we don’t want to put a home this large on our Zero-EnergyPlans.com website, but this home has been performing so well for so long, we though you might want to see it. The CL-1 plan was built in 1990, and yet qualifies as a low-energy home by the Federal Standard set in 2005! I recently completed an up-date to the plans, to make it even more energy efficient. Due to the expansive windows on the North side of the house, this plan works best in hot climates, and may be difficult to engineer for earthquake zones D-1 or higher. Like many of our plans, everything you need to live is on the main floor, but this “upside-down” design puts the kids bedrooms downstairs, along with the music room, exercise room, and other noisy spaces. This could be a three, four, or five bedroom house, depending on your family needs!

This design has cleverly placed skylights, windows, and clerestories to provide direct winter sun into every room of the house, while blocking excess summer sun to prevent over-heating in the summertime. The entire foundation is used as a heat-sink, to store daytime heat for nighttime comfort!


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