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Plan Overview

1,120 Sq. Ft.
Price: $1,015 Basic Set

This tidy ranch style home was designed for a bachelor who loved horses. It didn’t work out, he is happily (almost) married now, with a beautiful girl who also loves horses! A great starter home, this could also be a retirement dream, with extremely low costs for maintenance and utilities. With just 3.5 KW of PV installed, this home will achieve Zero-Energy status in most climates in the US, especially the flipped version of the plans, with the living room and master bedroom on the East side of the house instead of the West side as pictured here.

The full length front porch provides plenty of shade on those hot summer days, and lets you enjoy the rainy days from the outside without getting wet. A very simple plan, easy to build, the original version of this home has been enjoying energy savings for over five years now. Order your plan set, and saddle up!


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