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Plan Overview

2,878 Sq. Ft.
Price: $1,240.00 Basic Set, $1,495 Full Builder Set

This stunning daylight basement plan offers something for everyone, with expansive hobby, storage, and garage areas downstairs, along with a large media room and plenty of space for the pool table. The main floor above has everything needed for living, including the guest room. Digging the lower floor into the earth allows this home to achieve outstanding energy efficiency. If more bedrooms are needed, the expansive basement area could easily be reconfigured to hold two more bedrooms, and still have room enough for a recreation room or media room.

The front wall of glass is an outstanding example of how the inherent strength of SIPS panel construction can be used to not only provide exceptional energy efficiency, but also provide a stronger structural frame than is offered by most stick-framed construction. This in turn allows more use of glass where you want it most, exposing your favorite view in its full splendor. If you have a hillside site in mind, this may be your next house plan!


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