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Plan Overview

1,955 Sq. Ft.

Along with the MB-1 and MB-2, this is one of our most popular plans. The MB-1 (too big?) came first, it has extensive outdoor living areas, and a semi-attached garage. The MB-2 (too small?) had to be slimmed down due to lot-size and budget constraints. The MB-3 (just right!) has just enough timber-framed covered porch to provide some nice shady areas in the heat of the summer, and an attached garage with available roof deck. Any of three main floor plans can be used (see the MB-1 and MB-2 plans for other options), and either of the upper floor plans can also be substituted at no extra charge. The original version was designed to achieve net-zero-energy with about 7 KW of PV on the roof, but actual performance has shown a surplus of about 1,500 Kwh per year for the first two years. This is enough energy to power a Nissan Leaf up to 5,250 miles per year. The main roof of this house has enough prime, south-faceing area for 3 KW of additional panels, which would power the car for an additional 12,500 miles per year! This Positive NRG™ Home will POWER YOUR LIFE!


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