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Positive NRG 1100 Cabin

Plan Overview

1,100 Sq. Ft.
Price: Basic Plan Set: $1,080.00, Full Builder Set: $1,275.00

This vacation cabin was desiged to house an extended family for short periods of time, or to provide long-term comfort for a couple with children. The design brief included the ability to heat itself passively, even in the winter, to avoid having to worry about things freezing in case of a power outage. The extended porch on the east side of the house provided extra outdoor living area, while protecting the east elevation from excess morning sun in the summertime. The storage room on the west side provides room for beach toys, fishing rods, or whatever other outdoor play toys are desired.

Originally designed for an East-view waterfront site, the plan can be reversed to accommodate a West-facing view. There is enough roof area to for this Positive NRG Home™ to power itself and your new electric car for up to 18,000 miles per year!


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