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ZEP Commercial-2

Plan Overview

2,995 Sq. Ft.
Price: $1,240 Basic Set, $1,495 Full Builder Set

This quaint retail building was designed to house a garden center/gift shop in an historic small town, but it could serve many purposes in many places. The central check-out counter provides a clear view of every inch of the interior display space, as well as a good view throughout the sun-room and east-side outdoor nursery area. The east facing sun-room provides much of the heat required for the rest of the building, warming the insulated concrete floor each morning with the sun’s rays, then radiating that heat throughout the rest of the building.

Another great possible use for this building would be as a gas-station/convenience store, complete with owner’s quarters upstaris. The original owner of this building uses most of the upstaris space for a “Christmas all year” store, along with private ofice space, and an expansive break room. The break room has full kitchen facilities, a television, video games, and desk space for the employee’s children to use after school. Talk about employee loyalty! This space is fun to work in, and this building is the single most often complimented building we have ever designed.

We have used this basic structure as the basis for many other designs, including both commercial and residential.


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