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ZEP Garage-2

Plan Overview

How about a Garage that comes with a Paycheck?

This two-car garage/workshop offers a full living space upstairs. Some customers will use this garage as their full time work shop and living space while building their new Zero-Energy home. Having the house separated from the garage offers the best opportunity for improved indoor air quality in the home, but this plan can be added to many of our other home plans as an attached garage, in the place of the existing garage.

In its original version, constructed in early 2008, this garage provides enough south facing roof area to install more than 6 KW of Photo Voltaic panels, which will bring the owner’s home to true Zero-Energy status.  Because this garage will power the apartment above AND your electric car, this plan is listed as one of our Positive NRG Homes™.

Please call or e-mail for special pricing on a “two-for” if you would like this garage plan added to any other Zero-Energy Home Plan.


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