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Plan Overview

1,104 Sq. Ft.
Price: $1,015 Basic Set, $1,165 Full Builder Set

This 1100 s/f three bedroom home was designed by request to serve the low income housing needs of a moderately sized family. An up-dated version of the typical 1970s box, this extraordinarily economical home is extremely energy efficient, and can have a sizeable loft area above the bedroom and bath area, depending on the roof pitch chosen. Though this loft area does not meet code as a sleeping area, it could be used for a child’s play area, for storage, or as a quiet retreat for adults to just go and read a book. This plan can be built either with or without an attached garage.  A version of this plan has been developed for construction in the Arctic. For Northern latitudes, a steeper roof pitch has been added, to provide a better angle for solar panels. This steeper pitch also increases the interior volume and usefulness of the loft.


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