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From one of our Vermont Customers…

If you want to know why you are building your project quantitatively and factually you will love Ted. I found him online looking to build an energy efficient house. I had no idea about net zero. My builder was skeptical at first because Ted had never built anything in Vermont. He did a lot of work upfront without charging me any fee and was not anal about me taking time to pay my bill and kept on working. I paid incrementally and got plans constantly updated. When I googled him it became apparent that Ted was a builder and a designer with over 45 years’ experience. Additionally, he is quoted on many blogs which told me that he was active in the entire industry. He has won lots of awards. Also, when I started to bid SIPS panels no matter where I went the manufacturers remarked that this was a “Ted Clifton Project” and informed me that Ted is basically the “Grandfather of the net zero industry”. He discharges obligations IMMEDIATELY, no waiting. I own several companies and I have not ever experienced better service. This is among one of the most fun and best experiences of my life.

My project has been very collaborative and Ted makes changes that makes sense but will justify why he disagrees when you suggest something that will not work well, yet he is open to new and different ideas that make sense. It is incredible. Unlike a lot of architects he is pragmatic and has actually built a lot of stuff. There have been very few hiccups in the design which on a million dollar project is phenomenal. The more you interact with Ted in the design and engineering of the project the better your result will be. Have fun!!!

Ted is the real deal… THINK Howard Rourke protagonist in the Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. That is a pretty heavy compliment.


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