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New information in from one of our Oregon homes


Hope this finds you well. I just wanted to share that after some revamping some usage habits we are now at net negative by 250 kwh with over 1000 kwh used direct.

At the end of the day now we have finally gotten all the numbers in. We finished the build including solar, permits, and a 48 x 30 shop for just under 400k. Not including land, but that does include clearing the lot, well and utilities, building our 1000’+ drive with turnout, all new energy star appliances, transport and recycle of all slash from the clearing, and a 1550 gallon rain water collection system. I general contracted and did some of the work, but that is approximately $120 sf and no expense was spared on many of the finishes such as solid granite counters throughout and all custom cabinets. It’s hard to believe. It’s a lot of money, but the cost per square for the quality is unbeatable. Not to mention the performance. Using the HEPA systems there has been absolutely no need for cooling even on the 90+ degree days.

As always I just wanted to extend the invitation to come and visit to see how it all came out. I hope you are doing well and if you ever need a reference or testimonial please let us know. I have already sent a number of people to your site and I hope they will be following suit soon.

All the best.

Billy and Crys


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