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Eco-friendly Ballard home is earning money for its owners

SEATTLE — A Ballard couple’s frugal approach to home building is paying off, and they’re now the proud owners of the first home in Seattle that actually produces more energy than it uses. Eric Thompson said he and his wife were just an average couple faced with the common problem of wanting to buy their […]

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Posted December 14, 2011
Ted Clifton

Ballard Couple Unveiling Seattle’s First Zero-Energy Home

On December 10, 2011, from 3:00 to 4:00 pm, Eric Thomas and Alexandra Salmon will be offering tours of their new home, the first in Seattle to produce more energy than it uses. On hand to answer questions will be Ted L. Clifton, the designer of the house, and Ted W. Clifton, the builder, as […]

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Posted November 16, 2011
Ted Clifton

Seattle’s First Zero-Energy House Is Being Built on the Cheap

Construction is starting in Ballard next week on a new kind of house-one that produces more energy than it uses. But as impressive as this feat of green technology is, even more remarkable is who is behind this first-of-its-kind project. Hint: it’s not a real estate developer or Paul Allen. Rather, it’s a just-married young […]

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Posted April 23, 2011
Ted Clifton

National Park Service Aims to be Carbon-Neutral

By Stephanie, Peachy Green The first National Park Service house in the United States has achieved net zero energy here in Central Oregon. At the Painted Hills Unit of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument (a gorgeous area that anyone who comes to Oregon should visit, by the way), a small house has been outfitted […]

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Posted February 23, 2011
Ted Clifton

A Real Power House: Prototype home and vehicle are powered by the sun

By Sandra Gubel, Blue Mountain Eagle MITCHELL – No astronomical energy bills for this place. A brand new employee home at John Day Fossil Beds National Monument’s Painted Hills unit harnesses the power of the sun. Adding to the efficiency, Scott Ritner, the ranger and soon-to-be occupant, will use a utility-type vehicle on the job […]

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Posted February 16, 2011
Ted Clifton

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