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Spectacular results achieved on High Performance Energy Remodel

CVH Inc., using a plan provided by Zero-Energy Plans LLC, has just completed a full-house High Performance Energy Remodel of a typical 1960s house, achieving spectacular results. The completed before & after HERS rating comparisons show that the house now will use only about 16% of the energy previously required for heating and cooling. When lighting, water heating, and appliances are added in, the house will use only 35% of its previous energy-hogging footprint. This was achieved without the addition of any alternative energy generation equipment. With a solar hot water system and a few KW of photovoltaics on the roof, this house could easily become a true net-zero-energy home.

Our founder, Ted L. Clifton, has presented a seminar on this kind of High Performance Energy Remodel at the National Green Building Conference each of the last two years. Generic plans and construction details will soon be available for purchase from this site.


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