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To make simple to build, proven zero-energy home plans available to mainstream builders world-wide.

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Sell Your Zero-Energy Home Plans

Do you have Low Energy Use House Plans that you would like to sell from this site?  We will be adding plans to this site from other well qualified designers.  If you are a designer of Zero-Energy Plans, and you wish to make your plans available through this site, please contact, or call (360) 969-2363 from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM Pacific time.  All house plans made available through this site must be designed to use less than half the energy of a home built to the 2006 IECC, and have roof plans allowing sufficient south facing space for at least 3 KW of photovoltaic solar panels.

The following materials must be included with each plan set:

  1. Full set of construction drawings, including floor plans, all four elevations, foundation plans, roof plans, typical details, and cross sections.  Also included is at least one 3-D rendering from the most advantageous angle.  Additional renderings should be available upon request.
  2. SIPS panel plans, or other required building system information, including insulation and envelope details.  Also include conduit layout for electrical, including low voltage systems, if your building system does not permit access to conventional stud cavities.
  3. A listing of heating and cooling equipment used in the home, including schematics where appropriate.
  4. A complete lighting plan for each home, specifying type of fixture, and wattage of bulbs.
  5. Completed energy calculations using the Component Performance Worksheet found on the WSU website, or similar commercially available software.  You can access the free WSU energy evaluation software at:

Upper Mid-Western United States


South Eastern United States

Foard Panel

North Eastern United States

Premier Sips

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