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To make simple to build, proven zero-energy home plans available to mainstream builders world-wide.

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Zero-Energy Plans was founded at the request of Builders, to provide proven high quality plans that will perform as intended. Hundreds of builders have enjoyed the many NAHB Green Building Classes presented by our founder, Ted L. Clifton. Many of them had asked if they could purchase Ted’s plans. The Zero-Energy-Plans website was a response to that request.

Before and order is placed, we need to have contact with the builder, to determine exactly where the home will be built,and to learn of other considerations with the site. This is important because not every climate is the same, and not every lot is suited to every plan. Unless major changes are required for some other reason, we do not charge extra for a simple right-to-left flip of the plans. We also do not charge extra for optimizing the plans for the specific climate zone.

We recently optimized a plan for the South Florida market, and another for the Interior Alaska market. While most other Home Plan websites would only sell you the plan, and leave all the optimization to the Builder, we would not send the same plan to both of these diverse climates!

We also provide HVAC equipment recommendations for each plan, based on the owner’s preferences, locally available options, and the climate zone. We will work with the builder, and his HVAC installer, to assure that the right type of equipment is installed, and that it will perform as designed. We do not charge extra for brief telephone consultation, but we are available for more in-depth consultation at our usual hourly rate for services.

If plan changes are required outside the scope of what we provide at no charge, we will perform those changes on an hourly basis, for $125 per hour.

Three different Builders have earned National Green Building Awards using our plans, and have also earned recognition through the US Department of Energy’s Energy Value Housing Awards or DOE Housing Innovation Awards. Will you be next?


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