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2010 EnergyValue Housing Award Summary

Posted on January 2nd, 2011

Energy Value Housing Award Winner 2010Clifton View Homes received a Gold award in 2009 and a Silver in 2010 for two outstanding homes built in the Coupeville area. Both homes were built using Structural Insulated Panels, geothermal heating systems, and were oriented properly to take advantage of solar radiation and thermal mass storage in the floors. The 2009 winner incorporated a 3.0 PV system that helped the house achieve a 32HERS Index. The 2010 winner did not include PV but did receive a 41 HERS Index.

Ted Clifton has long been an advocate of optimum solar positioning and has an in depth understanding of how solar radiation affects the comfort and performance of a house. The company’s construction management process, marketing techniques and contribution to the advancement of energy savings and green building all led to winning the coveted EVHA a second year. (Download the PDF)

About Ted Clifton

Ted L. Clifton has been a designer and builder for more than 45 years. Educated at Berkeley, California, Ted has worked in every phase of construction and knows first-hand what it takes to design and construct a quality home. Having built hundreds of homes as well as commercial and institutional buildings, Ted has the advantage of extensive knowledge of the means and methods used in all three. He has worked in three very different climate zones, from the foothills of California, to Ketchikan, Alaska, to Whidbey Island, Washington.


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