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Who is Ted Clifton?

Posted on March 20th, 2017

via SIPA

Not only did Ted Clifton and CVH Inc. design/build the overall winner of SIPA’s 2017 Building Excellence Awards, he has been a designer/builder for over 45 years. The company he founded, Zero Energy Home Plans, focuses on promoting building plans that are Built Green® and incorporate Universal Design philosophies. SIP products and construction methods are widely used to help reach their zero energy goals … “because they care for home owners and for the earth we all share.”

Today’s Zero-Energy homes look just like every other home on the block. They are assembled of products readily available in the marketplace, by many of the same suppliers and subcontractors used for other mainstream homes.

Who is Ted Clifton? He is a leader in the movement to change the way the built environment effects the planet we all depend on and he promotes SIPs as a way to affect those needed changes. His philosophy states: “Mankind has not been very kind to the planet lately. How we live, and the homes we build, must be done in a more sustainable fashion.”

About Ted Clifton

Ted L. Clifton has been a designer and builder for more than 45 years. Educated at Berkeley, California, Ted has worked in every phase of construction and knows first-hand what it takes to design and construct a quality home. Having built hundreds of homes as well as commercial and institutional buildings, Ted has the advantage of extensive knowledge of the means and methods used in all three. He has worked in three very different climate zones, from the foothills of California, to Ketchikan, Alaska, to Whidbey Island, Washington.


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