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To make simple to build, proven zero-energy home plans available to mainstream builders world-wide.

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Positive NRG 1415


It is truly amazing what we can do with 1,415 sq. ft, if all we are trying to do is keep the construction costs to a bare minimum, and provide enough energy to power your car, as well as the house! (We don’t ask for much!)  This was just our fifth Positive NRG Home offering, but the first to use the Positive NRG Home™ trade mark. We created the trade mark to help identify homes that will power the owner’s car and home, effectively allowing you to live a full, carbon-neutral life.

One thing you will notice about the floor plan in this home is that it has very few interior walls. This allows complete design flexibility for the owners, while keeping initial costs down for those on a budget. Walls can be added as the family grows, or they can be created using furniture, such as tall book cases and moveable storage cabinets. This allows the home to stretch and grow as the family grows, then shrink back down into a comfortable empty-nester home once the children are all grown. Other versions of this home are available fully decked out, with covered porches and interior walls installed, for those with more particular requirements. We have also developed both larger and smaller versions of the same basic design.

Our initial computations showed that this home will produce enough energy to not only power itself, but to also power your car for about 18,000 mile per year in the Seattle WA area, many more miles in most other parts of the country.


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