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Plan Overview

2,909 Sq. Ft.
Price: $1,240.00 Basic Set, $1,495.00 Full Builder Set

The mandate for this 2,909 sf luxury home was to keep the energy costs as low as possible, without sacrificing the comfort and style the owners desired.

Passive solar design, using adequate thermal mass to store captured energy, was the key to the success of this home. We calculate this home will be a net-zero-energy home with the installation of 8.4 KW of PV panels on the south-facing roof. There is additional room on the roof for a solar hot water heater, which would be supplemented by the ground source heat pump, which is currently supplying all the heat and hot water at about 450% efficiency.

In-floor radiant heat in a concrete thermal-mass floor, even on the second floor, along with fresh air provided by HEPA filter system assure that the comfort and health benefits will be achieved.. Our owners are thrilled with this home!


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