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Plan Overview

1,002 Sq. Ft.
Price: $1,015 Basic Set, $1,165 Full Builder Set

Everything you need, and just a little bit more, the RC-3 plan is our second expansion of the minimalist RC-1 Positive NRG Home™ plan. This expanded version is slightly bigger all the way around, with a larger, more livable loft, a larger utility room in the garage, and a larger living room. The extra space has allowed for even more south facing roof area, supporting as much as 10KW of photovoltaic panels and a solar hot water system. For three full years now this home has been producing enough surplus energy to power an electric car for more then 20,000 miles per year, with only 5.6KW of solar panels installed! Imagine what we could do with all 10KW! Order your Positive NRG Home™ plans today, and save for the rest of your life!

This home also earned a National Green Building Award, a Gold Energy Value Housing Award, and the US GSA’s top award for energy efficient buildings in 2012.


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