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Room w- Paycheck 120

Plan Overview

120 Sq. Ft.
Price: $300.00

This fully self-contained 120 sq. ft. home is the first of our Room With a Paycheck™ series.

These homes can be used either as a guest house, teenage hangout, or homeless shelter. This is our 120 sf model, which in many places can be built without a building permit!

The expansive roof area, also covering the porch, affords extra outdoor living area, while providing room for additional solar panels to be installed. For the thousands of homes in our country without the correct solar orientation to take advantage of the energy provided by the sun, these cottages could be located in the back yard to either off-set the energy bills of the main house, or they can stand alone as a fully self-contained unit.

We also have a 192 sf model and a couple of 300 sf+ models in development.


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