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Zero-Energy Plans Homes Also Can Power Electric Car!

RC-3-From-SWCompleted just over a year ago, our ZEP RC-3 home has been tested, rated, third-party verified, and now has a full year of actual energy bills (credits) to prove it is capable of powering a Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf (electric cars) more than 18,500 miles per year, in addition to powering the entire house. We will be providing links to published news articles about this extraordinary house as they become available. During the first year, beginning February 1st of 2011, the RC-3 home produced and returned to the grid several times as much energy each day as it used each night, even with overnight temperatures close to zero degrees F in February. This far exceeded our expectations, as our preliminary numbers assumed a break-even winter operation, with most of the surplus power produced in the summer.

Preliminary figures are indicating that the MB-1 or MB-2 plans will power the car for a similar number of miles per year! The MB-2 plan has just been completed in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA, and is calculated to be able to power a Nissan Leaf more than 9,000 miles per year, even in that overcast climate! The prototype of this outstanding plan scored the lowest Blower-Door test (building envelope tightness) ever recorded in the State of Washington, .56 ACH-50!

We have recently posted plans for a 1,415 square foot house that will power itself and TWO electric commuter vehicles, for a total of 18,700 miles per year or more, and a 2,100 square foot home that could power your car more than 26,000 miles per year, depending on your location.


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