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Plan Overview

656 Sq. Ft.
Price: $950 for the basic set, $1,095 for the Full Builders Set of plans

Everything you need, and nothing more! This minimalist cabin offers a large loft above that could be used as a second bedroom, as well as a private roof deck over the large two-car garage/shop. This Positive NRG Home™ was first designed to be a guest house, lived in by the owners while they built their dream home next door. The expansive south facing roof area will support up to 6KW of PV panels, as well as a solar hot water system. Since the peak heating load on this house is less than 3KW, this house will pay some of your other bills for you, such as providing power for your electric car! Our calculations show that the refrigerator and lighting will heat this cozy cabin for about eight months of the year, even in our cold, wet, Northwest climate!

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